Online games have been made so popular that there are a lot of games that have been added to it.

WoT IS 6-11: What Is the Best Tank For You?

There are games about just anything in the world right now. 5 v 5, 3 v 3 and even1 v 1 games. There are also several solo play games that would be a lot of fun to play. However, these multiplayer games seem to be making a statement given that you are given the chance to play with your friends altogether. They have games for cooking and games for tanks. Yes, you read that right. Tanks.


What is that game?

It is the game called World of Tanks. Basically, the concept is simple. You do battle and as the name suggests, you do battle using tanks. You will be given tanks to choose from and there are several tanks for sale as well. You earn as you keep on battling and you can upgrade your parts or buy newer tanks. What I recommend is go for WoT is 6. They are pretty much the most versatile to use and easiest. Some say that IS 6 is pretty much idiot proof and almost everything can be automated.

What are the things I should remember?

Well, for starters, do not spend your money on useless stuff. It is better to save it until a better deal comes in. Another, do not shy out from spending real money yourself. If you want a shortcut, buying items would be the best bet for you. If you do not have that much time to go farming for items, you can buy them for your own entertainment while you set something up for yourself. Either way, you become pretty good with it in time and you would end up become stronger as long as you keep practising.