Do note that you must beat least 18 years old to order from an online headshop.

Common misconceptions of online versus physical head shops near me


One typical myth related to headshops is that they are coined after the term “pot heads”. They are called such because they get it after the common slang term for a hippie in the ‘60s which was “head” or addict. This suggest that head shops were often frequented by people who want to feed their drug addictions.

But the term actually stemmed from the fact that drug culture was focused on products that would expand one’s mind or open their heads. However, others say that the term head shop was meant to be a secret code that needed to be cracked since you couldn’t blatantly ask people in the ‘60s about bongs.

There is a stigma around head shops in general even more for online headshops.



  • Online headshops are illegal

You can easily search head shops near me on any search engine, but physical stores won’t be available for everyone. That is why most people opt to purchase from online shops which isn’t illegal if the items sold are used for legal substances. They sell bongs, glass pipes, vapes and dab rigs that are intended for tobacco and medical use. Do note that you must beat least 18 years old to order from an online headshop.


  • Privacy is compromised

Like any other online shop, most of the data that you input are encrypted. The online headshop won’t have access to your credit card number apart from the last 4 digits. There is also discreet shipping whenever you order from these shops. Online headshops will use plain and inconspicuous packaging, so your neighbors will not be able to see your purchase.


  • Knock-off products

Authentic online headshops are authorized resellers of the brands that they carry. If by some chance you bought a low-quality bong you can check the thickness of the glass, inspect the joint welds and percolators.