Easy Steps On how to make a budget For First Timers

Making A Budget

Budgets are simply a way of allotting a certain amount of money for every regular expense. In a way, they are a way of knowing how much one can spend during a given amount of time but also what they can spend it on.

However, making a budget is more than just being organized when it comes to expenses and one’s income. In most cases, it is often what is done in order to save money for different purposes or needs.

How To Make A Budget: Easy Steps For First Timers



Creating a budget is a great way to save money best way to save money as well as to manage one’s finances in order to save for the future.

First timers when it comes to creating a budget may find it hard but the following steps on how to make a budget are easy to follow:

• Calculate your total earnings or the total earnings of the household per month. The total, of course, should have the taxes deducted from it.
• Calculate how much you need for you or your family’s necessities per week and per month.
• Follow the 50-30-20 rule when it comes to budgeting. This means that one’s income is divided: 50% for the necessities, 30% for one’s wants or luxuries, and 20% for one’s savings.
• For every expense made, list it down to take note of monthly expenses. List extra expenses as well.
• At the end of every month, review your expenses and the allotted budget to see if the budget you have set is enough.


It takes a while to have a working budget that, well, works. However, all it takes is a dedication and one will see that making a budget and sticking to it is definitely advantageous in the long run as compared to just spending money willy-nilly.